Gopro to offer $40 waterproof audio cable for $40

Reuters Gopros waterproof audio cables are now available at Amazon.

The cable costs $40 and comes with an in-built waterproof case that comes with the cord and a protective sleeve.

The cables come in two colors, the Black and White.

Gopron is also offering a $50 waterproof soundbar with an HDMI cable and a waterproof sleeve.

The company said the waterproof cable is a great solution for users who want to connect their phone to the GopRO headset, as the audio signal can travel up to 20 feet.

Users can also add the cable to their own phone to plug it into a compatible mobile device.

The cable can also be used for charging headphones, as it can hold 3.5 volts and the included charger can charge devices up to 2.5 amps.

The headphones, which include a USB-C port, also come with a protective silicone case.

Gopro also has a $35 waterproof soundblower that can power up to three Goprons soundbars simultaneously.

The soundblowers are also waterproof, though Goprox notes that the cables are designed to withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

A similar waterproof cable has been announced for the Gogol speaker, which uses a single speaker to drive three speakers that are connected via HDMI.

The Gogola speaker has also been updated with USB-A connectivity, though that feature is not yet available for use with Gopropos waterproof cables.

The new waterproof cables are available at Goprog’s website and at Amazon, though the company said it’s also selling the cables directly from Amazon and other retailers.