Why you shouldn’t wear a pair of waterproof shoes

The next time you’re in the water and decide to swim, think twice before wearing a pair.

The same goes for waterproof shoes.

The latest version of the waterproof shoe, the Vessi, is now available for purchase for $1,499 on Amazon, but its design is not entirely waterproof.

The Vessis have a three-layer design that allows for a great deal of water-resistance, but the design does not provide a lot of traction.

“The design of the Vectrex shoe, with its four layers of waterproof, does not offer enough traction to create a good seal around the foot,” the waterproof shoes website says.

The waterproof shoe also has no water-repellent lining, which means it will not keep your feet dry when submerged.

The company also recommends the Vibrant shoe, which is $199 on Amazon.

The Vibrants are the latest waterproof shoe to hit the market, and it has been compared to the Vissi by some critics.

According to the company, the new Vibrante shoes will allow for more water-resistant feet.

“While the Viste shoe has water- and dust-resistant, waterproofing, the brand’s Vibrantes are the only waterproof shoes on the market that are both water-proof and dust resistant,” the website reads.

The water-resistent Vibranti shoes will be available for $199 and will be the latest in a line of waterproof footwear that includes the Vessa and Vessia.

The new waterproof shoes will not be compatible with all of the newest smartphones.

However, the shoes will come in waterproof, water-tolerant and water-reflective versions.

The companies website says the waterproof Vession shoes will work with the iPhone XS and XS Max, but it does not say if the waterproof version will work for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

The shoes have been designed to be a bit of a departure from previous waterproof models.

For instance, the leather is not leather, but a synthetic material, which will not look exactly like real leather.

“There’s no waterproof material, it’s all synthetic, and we think it will be a great addition to the line up of waterproofs, especially with the recent advancements in waterproofing technology,” Vessione’s website says of the new waterproof models’ design.

However, the company also warns that “many users” may be disappointed with the waterproof design.

“This is one of the most popular waterproofs we’ve seen, but some users may not find the new design to be water- resistant or water-absorbing,” the site reads.

You can check out the Vessesi on Amazon or on Amazon’s website for more details.