Trump’s new executive order on waterproofing is more than just a watertight seal on the border

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Now PlayingObama to Trump: Impress your troops before the UN, and stop the world from being ‘disastrous’Now PlayPresident Trump is not happy with President Obama’s new travel ban: ‘We dont like that at all’Now Adding: Trump’s executive orders for waterproof electronics on the White House lawn and on Capitol groundsThe White House says President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Wednesday for water-resistant electronic devices.

Trump will also sign an order for a new program aimed at bolstering border security.

Read MoreThe executive orders, which are expected to be signed soon, are expected “to promote the benefits of the new water-resistance program to the American people,” according to the White of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Trump signed the executive orders after the U,S.

Congress rejected his initial travel ban last week, and he’s expected to do so again on Wednesday.

In a tweet, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump would sign the order Wednesday, though she declined to say whether it would be a watered-down version or a fully watertight one.

Read more”We are continuing to work with Congress and will be issuing an executive action as soon as possible,” Sanders wrote.

“The President is working with his administration colleagues and the Department of Defense on developing a plan that will ensure our nation’s borders are water-tight.”

Trump, in a series of tweets last week announcing the travel ban, said the executive order would protect the nation from “a catastrophic pandemic” and that the president would soon be signing an executive act that would protect Americans from “dangerous waterborne diseases.”

The president also said he was considering an executive travel ban in the coming days, but did not specify a date.

The new executive action comes amid the ongoing debate over whether President Trump should rescind his first executive order and allow more border security measures to take effect.

The order, issued in January, was meant to protect U.s. citizens from terrorism and would have required travelers to show a “green card” before they could enter the country.

The president and his administration have said they believe that the travel restrictions were a mistake, and they have argued that the executive actions were necessary to help secure the border.

In recent days, Trump has been trying to find common ground with Republican lawmakers who have pushed for more security measures at the border, and some lawmakers have been willing to take his side on the issue.

The Trump administration has argued that some of the travel restriction measures could lead to more illegal crossings, and that it was “a very smart decision.”