Which device will be the best in the water?

The iPhone X and the new Apple Watch series of waterproof, rechargeable iPhones are the best underwater-ready devices, according to a new report from research firm IHS.

The new iPhone X waterproof model is the first to be released in this series, which is designed to provide up to a 100 meters of battery life with a charge, the company said.

“IHS expects the iPhone X to continue to be the most water-resistant and water-friendly iPhone to date,” the firm wrote.

IHS, a research firm that tracks wearable technologies, said the iPhone 9 and 10 are both capable of a full charge in about 10 hours of continuous use, the same time the average person would take to travel on a road trip.

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Samsung has already launched a new waterproof model, the Galaxy S9, which it said is designed for the ocean.

In the future, IHS expects Apple to add waterproof models to the iPhone lineup, the firm said.

“Apple’s continued commitment to making waterproof products will give us the ability to further enhance our water-resistance and water resistance ratings,” the company wrote.

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