Ohio State is to use waterproof shoes as a springboard to compete with Italy’s rivals

In a world of high-tech, high-fashion and even high-end sneakers, Ohio is doing something a little different.

The new shoes, designed by the sports-inspired footwear company JBL, have been designed for the water.

The shoes, made by the sporting footwear brand Ohio, have a waterproof membrane that makes them waterproof and they have a wireless earphone jack.

“Ohio State has been developing a range of water resistant footwear for years, with our flagship line of sports shoes, the Ohio Sport and the Ohi, which are water resistant for up to 200 metres.

We are proud to introduce these new Ohi and Sport shoes to our fans, who have been asking us to create a range that would give them a water-resistant experience,” said JBL CEO, Daniela Scarnici.”

We have been working closely with Ohio over the last two years to design the shoes, which reflect our commitment to ensuring our customers are safe while on the water.”

The Ohi Sport and Ohi sport shoes are the first in the company’s range to be designed to be waterproof.

The Ohi’s rubber sole is water resistant to up to 50 metres, while the Sport is rated at up to 100 metres.

“For us, it’s important to focus on the performance of our shoes as well as their functionality,” Scarnucci said.

“It is important that our customers have the comfort and protection they need to enjoy the sport.

This is why we designed the Ohiopo shoes.”

Ohio Sport is available in a variety of sizes, from a 6.5 to a 9.5 cm, and it features a leather upper with the company logo on the sole, with the colour-coded stripes on the upper.

The Ohiopos shoes are available from November 30th, with a retail price of €139.95.