Why the Uggs are a must-have for your kids

We all have kids, and they need to be protected from germs and other dirt, dirt, and dirtiness, according to a new generation of waterproof Ugg boots.

Ugg’s latest line of waterproof boots has been out in time for the holidays and is now available at Ugg stores and online for $69.99.

It’s also available at Amazon for $49.99, and it’s available in several colors, including red, green, and purple.

There’s also a $24.99 waterproof hoodie.

“We’re trying to help kids become a little bit more comfortable, a little more smart, a bit more aware of what’s around them,” says Adam Vos, founder and CEO of Ugg.

“And when we say, you know, we’re trying, we want to give you the tools and the skills to be able to stay safe and to make it easier for you to be your own best protector.”

The Ugg Kids waterproof boots are designed with a zipper-lock system to keep their seams and pockets sealed.

They come in five colors: red, orange, blue, green and purple, which Ugg says are a great match for any holiday season.

The boots also come in black and white, which is the most common color in the U.S. for kids.

There are three sizes, from 4 to 8 feet, and a size for boys, and an 8-to-12-foot version for girls.

“You can get it in black, or you can get the 8- to 12-foot size,” says Vos.

The UGG Kids are waterproof, but they aren’t the only waterproof UGG boots available.

The company also has other waterproof products, including a raincoat, rain boots, and waterproof shoes.

UGG says it’s launching a range of waterproof gloves with waterproof laces, which can be bought in various colors.

“When you buy a Ugg product, you get that comfort and durability and you get all those things,” says Ugg CEO Adam Voste.

“But when it comes to our kids, we really wanted to give them the tools to be a little smarter about protecting themselves.”