A waterproof toolbox for the DIY hacker

An accessory for the budding hacker is now available on Kickstarter.

The waterproof tool bag was developed by designer and entrepreneur Matt Boggs, who says he is an avid outdoorsman and avid outdoorswoman.

The bag features two pockets on the side, two zippered pockets inside the backpack, and a zipper on the back.

You can use the bag as a desk top, as a laptop bag, or as a rain jacket.

Bogg is raising money to produce the bag for $40.

Borrowing from a number of traditional backpack design trends, like the zippable zipper and the shoulder straps, Bogg has designed the bag in a way that allows it to fit snugly over the shoulder.

Boggles said that he and his team worked with the team at the company The Mountain Lab to design the bag, which he says was inspired by “the minimalist design principles of water and rain.”

Bogg also uses the bag to carry his camera gear and a laptop computer.

The idea for the bag is to create a minimalist tool box for the average person.

You have a lot of things in your toolbox that you might need to do in a hurry, but they’re also useful for everyday stuff.

If you need a quick and easy way to grab a cup of coffee or a pen, you might have a few options.

Bogs hopes to raise money to make the bag.

As of now, he is aiming to raise $25,000 to produce a limited edition version.

The project is not cheap.

You’ll need a laptop with a USB port and a microSD card slot.

The final version will have an MSRP of $125.