How to fix water damage on your car

It’s common to see water damage caused by rain, but not when you’re on a road.

Here’s how to fix it: 1.

Find a place with no visibility.

The only thing that’s safe to look out for is the sun.

If the sky is obscured, you’re going to be at risk of getting sunburn.


Bring water.

If you don’t have water, you need to get it.

Get a hose, bucket, or container to place in a shallow location.


Put a towel over your head.

If there’s any water inside the vehicle, put a towel on top to keep water from getting on you.


Use a car wash.

If your vehicle is not watertight, use a car washing facility to remove dirt, grime, and grime.


Get out of the car and onto the road.

If it’s not a paved or grassy area, get out of your vehicle and put your foot on the road to avoid getting stuck.


Use your headlights to illuminate the road ahead.

This can be especially helpful if you’re driving on an icy road or in a parking lot.


Don’t forget your phone.

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you get out.


Get off the road and find your way to your car.

If not, get back in and start again.


Keep an eye on your gas tank.

You can find your gas cap on your dashboard and put a lid on it to keep it topped off.


Get your hands dirty.

You may need to remove a few things, but that’s OK.

Your gas tank is a life-saving tool for your car, and it’s easy to replace if it breaks.