How the new Air Jordan 1s are shaping up in the NBA season

Fox Sports’ Kevin Pelton takes a look at the new Nike Air Jordan I, Air Jordan II, and Air Jordan III shoes, as well as the Air Jordan Retro Classic.1.

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Air Maxs: Nike’s first model with a Max Boost technology5.

Nike Air Max 1s: The Nike Airmax 1 sneaker with the Nike Zoom branding and a new color scheme6.

Nike Flyknit: Nike continues to work on the Flyknit Nike Flyweight shoe7.

Nike Dunk High: Nike unveiled a new Dunk High sneaker in a white and green colorway8.

Nike Zoom 2s: A pair of Nike Zoom2s are coming this fall9.

Nike Hyperglide: Nike unveils the Hyperglides Nike HyperGlide sneaker10.

Nike Kobe 7: Nike announced the Kobe 7 Nike Air Kobe 910.

Sneaker news: Nike announces a collaboration with the NBA11.

Nike Reebok Dunk 3: Nike launched a new sneaker designed for basketball fans12.

Nike Nike Kobe 9: Nike kicked off a new collaboration with Kobe Bryant13.

Nike KD 8: Nike kicks off a collaboration between Kobe Bryant and the Nike KD line14.

Nike SB 12: Nike officially launched a collaboration line with Adidas15.

Nike Yeezy Boost 350: Nike introduced the new Yeeza Boost 350 shoe16.

Nike Zephyr: Nike released a new Nike ZEPHY sneaker17.

Nike LeBron X: Nike revealed a new LeBron X shoe18.

Nike Retro Classic: Nike updated the Air Max II Retro Classic and the Air Minimus Retro Classic19.

Nike REVOLUTION 10: Nike finally announced the Nike REvolUTION 10 sneaker20.

Nike X Air: Nike rolled out a pair of X Air shoes for the 2017 NBA season21.

Sneakers on sale in June: What you need to know about sneaker sales22.

Sneaks in stores this week: Sneakers in stores across the country23.

Sneaking tips from Sneakerheads24.

Sneak week in 2017: Sneaker season is coming to an end in 201825.

Nike has a brand new sneak: Nike has officially announced the new X Air shoe26.

Nike releases a new Air Max shoe: Nike just announced the X Air 3 sneaker27.

Nike kicks it off with a new “Air Max” silhouette for the 2019 Nike Air Force 1 line28.

Nike’s collaboration with LeBron James: Nike joins LeBron James and his team in launching a collaboration sneaker, which they call “the new LeBron James Nike Air.”29.

Nike launches the Nike X LeBron X silhouette: Nike debuted the new LeBron Air X silhouette in a red colorway for the 2018 NBA season30.

Nike joins Kobe Bryant in kicking off a Nike collaboration with NBA stars: Nike joined Kobe Bryant’s team in kickstarting a collaboration partnership with NBA players, which includes the first sneaker collaboration with any NBA player.31.

Nike introduces a new line of Air Jordan 5 sneakers: Nike introduces the Air Kobe 5 sneakers for the 2020 NBA season, which feature a different design than the Air X series of shoes, with a white, black, and red color scheme.32.

Nike announces the Nike Air Zoom 3: The new Nike Zoom 3 is a sneaker for basketball players and will be available exclusively in stores through June 30.

Nike also released a sneak in a black and red silhouette for 2019.33.

Nike takes the wraps off a pair from the Nike Kobe series: Nike takes wraps off two pairs of Kobe Bryant Nike Kobe 5s, one with white, the other with gold details.34.

Nike unveaks a new collection of Air Max sneakers: New Nike AirMax sneakers are available exclusively at the end of June in a pair in a gold and red theme.35.

Nike drops the Nike YEEZY Boost 350 in its Nike Kobe range: Nike drops YEEzy Boost 400 sneakers in a new limited edition colorway.36.

Nike officially launches the Air YeezY Boost 3: A limited edition Nike Air YEEZA Boost 3 will launch exclusively at Nike stores starting June 10.37.

Nike gets a sneer of the week from sneakerhead, Dr. Drew: Dr. Dr. Dre gives the sneer for Week of June 7.38.

Nike and LeBron James announce a partnership: Nike and NBA superstar LeBron James announced a partnership in June to launch the first Nike AirMAX shoe.39.

Nike hits a new high with the release of the Nike SB 1 sneakers: Nike launches a new SB 1 shoe, the Nike Pro Plus, in a green color.40.

Nike unleashes a new pair of Airmax sneakers: The company will be releasing the Nike Max Boost 350 and Nike Zoom 5s on