Why waterproof watches aren’t the way to go

Outdoor waterproof smart watches aren`t the way for a young man to wear during a job interview, a new study suggests.

But the study says they`re still a viable option for a job that requires a lot of outdoor wear.

The study by research firm Avalere found that out of the 3,000 men who participated in the study, around 70 per cent had a smartphone or tablet in their pocket when they got a job application, while 20 per cent were using their wearable to browse the web, search for an online game, or do some other online task.

The most common reason for being in a work-related environment without a smartphone was that they had just recently graduated from college.

The survey also found that almost half of the men had a laptop in their pockets, with almost two thirds saying they had no intention of using their smartphones in the workplace.

It is not clear whether the devices are actually waterproof, though.

The Avalere study was based on an online survey conducted last month.

It used data from the company`s website, which collects information about job postings from employers.

Avalere also interviewed over 1,000 jobseekers aged 16 and over and found that most employers did not expect their employees to be using their smartphone in their work environments.

More: Avalero said it was looking into the survey results and working to improve the accuracy of its online job application platform.