How to Survive a Winter Storm in Florida

Waterproofing is crucial for survival in a storm, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to keep your home safe during a hurricane.

But it doesn’t always work, so if you can’t find a way to make it work, here are some tips to make sure your house is safe and sound during the coming storm.


Keep your water-resistant outdoor furniture away from the house.

As long as your home has an automatic sprinkler system, there’s no reason to put your waterproof items in the attic or garage.

If you live in a trailer, don’t forget to keep them away from your home.2.

Get a rain gauge.

You don’t want to be stuck in the rain when the storm hits.

You want to know how much rain you need to expect to keep you safe during the next storm. has a great guide to buying rain gauges, and the Weather Underground has a handy tool to help you with that.3.

If there’s a strong wind, take shelter.

In a severe storm, it’s best to leave your shelter to be a safe distance away from a storm surge or other high-water area.

This way, your family won’t drown, and you can take your time to assess the storm surge.4.

If it’s too hot or cold outside, bring blankets and a towel.

If the temperature is warmer than 80 degrees, take a blanket and a dry towel.

Your family won�t get cold or heat stroke from a cold blanket, but if it�s below 80 degrees and you�re sweating a lot, you need a dry jacket.5.

If wind and rain are strong, wear heavy layers.

If your house and everything around it is built to withstand a strong storm surge, your best bet is to wear light-weight layers.

For example, if you have a basement and your windows and doors are closed, you should wear an open-necked shirt, lightweight pants, and a hat.

If you are in a house with open windows, bring a light blanket to the top of the window sill to keep rain and wind from pouring inside the house and causing damage.

If windows are closed or your home is covered in snow, a hat and a jacket are your best bets.6.

When the wind blows, don�t be afraid.

Storm surges are powerful winds and they can easily knock you off your feet.

If winds are blowing hard, they can knock you down, but it�ll be much easier to stay upright and keep your feet cool.7.

If everything is closed and locked, use a key to unlock your door.

If all you can do is look out the window and see if anyone is inside, you are doing the right thing.8.

Don�t try to stay in one place during a storm.

There is nothing like sitting in one spot for hours and hours and getting soaked, even if you are standing outside.

You might be cold, but there�s no point trying to stay cool if you could get wet.9.

Stay calm and carry your water.

If water is getting into your house, make sure you don�ts drink it.

If someone is inside your house with you, use your best judgement and tell them to get out.

You�re safe if you stay inside.

If a storm is coming, do not get outside and try to swim or go for a run.10.

If people are drinking, keep your hands to yourself.

If they are drinking a lot of water, be careful and use the sink or toilet to wash your hands and fingers.11.

If anyone is in your house during a big storm, don`t panic.

You may get swept away.

If this happens, just keep moving.

But make sure that everyone is safe.

You can call 911 if the storm is strong enough and the storm surges are high enough.12.

Don’t drink and drive.

You shouldn�t drive while your car is being washed by a strong surge.13. Don���t leave pets on your porch.

If animals are not safe, you don’t need to have them there.

If necessary, they will need to be euthanized.14.

Don`t forget to turn on your air conditioner.

If electricity is out or you can�t turn on the air conditioners, try to turn them on at night and leave the house when the air conditioning is off.15.

If gas is out, don��t fill up.

It may take up to an hour to get gas.

When gas is gone, use another method to get your supplies.

For instance, if gas is running in your home but there is nowhere to fill it up, put a large bag or bag of dry ice in the car and take it to the gas station.16.

Don��t wait until the storm passes.

You need to get things out of the house quickly.