Apple to release the iPhone XS Max in a waterproof version

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 8s and iPhone Xs Max in two new waterproof versions, with the company promising the new models will be “unparalleled in terms of durability.”

While Apple hasn’t confirmed any specific specs for the new iPhone models, the company has released a brief video that details the two models’ waterproofing, which is the same as that found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The video explains how the two new models’ features differ, including an aluminum frame, a USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a water resistant case.

Apple’s description of the iPhone models’ materials goes into more detail, though, and the company also promises to make sure that “waterproofing is easy to use.”

The iPhone X and XS models will come in two versions, which are referred to as the iPhone Max and iPhone Max 2, depending on the model you choose.

Both models will ship in October, with Apple’s new phones arriving in September.

The iPhone Max models will include the same glass and aluminum frame as the existing iPhone X models, but they’ll be outfitted with a new, higher-resolution iPhone X display and the same 3.1-inch screen as the XS, which makes them smaller in terms that the original iPhone models.

The phone models will also come with a special “Ultra” version of the company’s new earphones, the EarPods.

The new earbuds are similar to the original EarPots, but the new earpods will come with two additional USB ports, one for charging, one to allow you to connect to your Apple Watch, and one for a second microphone.

The earbud-to-earphone adapter is actually a little larger than the iPhone EarPot adapter, though.

The original EarPod adapter was just 1.7 inches, while the new EarPote is 2.2 inches and costs $40.

Apple has also revealed that the iPhone 9 models will feature an upgraded version of Apple’s EarPodge earphones.

The updated EarPouch will feature a new micro-USB connector, an expanded headphone jack (and, more importantly, a smaller, 10-micron-diameter speaker), and a larger, 10.5-micrometer speaker, which we assume will help to improve audio quality when using the headphones.

We’ll have more on Apple’s upcoming iPhone X products as we get closer to them, and Apple’s website promises that all of its iPhone X lines will be available in October.