How to protect your airpods

The most common complaint about the Apple AirPods is the sound quality.

The latest reports from the Audio Technica company, however, suggest that while they’re not the worst sounding headphones you can buy, they are quite a bit worse than what you’ll be able to buy for around $130.

The company’s researchers tested the headphones against a variety of audio formats.

They measured the frequencies that were reproduced by the headphones and then recorded the response times of the headphones to the audio.

The average response time was 2.4 milliseconds.

The worst headphones were actually far worse.

The Audio Technicas report was published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and it has been shared on Reddit, as well as the Apple Insider website.

According to the report, the sound of the Apple headphones was a little better than that of the Bluetooth earbuds from the Apple Watch.

It also found that the headphones recorded less distortion in the ears than the earbud did.

The researchers were careful to note that they were comparing the earpieces to the iPhone 6s, which they did, and that they did so with the headphones connected to an iPod Touch, which was used as a reference point.

If you’re still looking for a better audio experience, you can still grab the Beats audio-only headphones from Amazon for $40.