The Best Pergo Flooring For Your Home

Pergo waterproofing flooring has become a popular trend among homeowners looking to protect their property from moisture and pests.

The company’s latest offering is a lightweight and water-resistant version of their standard flooring, and it comes in two different styles, the Standard and the Extra.

The Standard is available in a number of colors, and comes with a rubber foot that fits snugly into the wall.

The Extra features a softer rubber foot and a more rounded shape that fits more comfortably into the walls of your home.

Both models are available in three colors, but the extra comes in a special white color.

If you prefer to keep things simpler, you can purchase the Standard Extra and purchase the Extra Standard Edition.

Both flooring brands have made significant improvements to their product over the past couple of years.

The most noticeable of these improvements is the new rubber foot, which is thinner and easier to grip than before.

The rubber foot is also a little more grippy and comfortable than before, and the design of the foot makes it easier to hold in the ground.

While both flooring options are light and durable, the Extra is a little pricier.

The premium Standard Extra comes with an upgraded foot design, and includes a rubberized coating to ensure it’s waterproof.

The Pergo brand also offers a second model, the Pergo Plus, which adds a few more features to the standard floor.

The Pergo Premium includes an upgraded rubber foot for a better grip, a softer, more cushioned foot, and a removable lid that attaches to the foot and provides a way to dry your feet before you use them.

The Plus, meanwhile, is more affordable and comes in three different colors: white, blue, and yellow.