How to build your very own waterproof bathroom in a snap

Homebuilding expert Michael Wilson has built a waterproof bathtub with no plumbing.

He’s got the basic essentials, including a toilet and shower, in a box.

Michael Wilson/YouTube video Michael Wilson, an experienced builder who has been building for over 20 years, says that he has had to build a few more things for the house, but his most challenging project so far was a waterproof bathroom.

The bathtub he built is based on an existing home with a toilet, shower and a shower curtain.

But the main goal is to be as small as possible.

Michael says he’s been building with a friend, who was also an experienced DIY builder.

He started with some basic plumbing and materials for the home, which included a sink, a water supply and a fridge.

He then built a simple shower curtain and a light fixture that was waterproof, and then added a couple of additional pieces to the bathroom, including an electric shower.

“My wife and I just wanted to make a bathtub that would be super cheap, easy to build and still have the ability to be waterproof,” he said.

“We wanted to build the bathroom and not have to deal with any of the plumbing, and we wanted to keep it as low-maintenance as possible.”

The bathroom was designed to look like a standard-size house, with a bathroom counter, living room and kitchen.

He decided to keep the counter area a little larger to make it easier to see the floor.

Michael built his bathroom by assembling the basic plumbing, but then took some time to find the right materials for each part.

The first thing he did was find a local company that manufactures plumbing supplies.

He bought a few of their parts, including the water supply, and cut them up to use in his bathroom.

“After I found that plumbing was what I needed, I went to the internet and looked at the prices, and the prices started to come down,” he explained.

“At $35 per 1.5m of pipe, that’s pretty cheap, right?

I was like, ‘wow, I’m actually going to spend $30 for this!'”

Michael says his wife and children, who are now in their 20s, are impressed by the ease of his project.

“They’re not going to complain about having to take a shower every day,” he told ABC News.

“I’ll tell you one thing though, they’re not happy.”

Michael says that if he ever needed to replace the shower curtain, he would just drill holes in the ceiling, and replace them with new ones.

He says he didn’t bother buying new plumbing pipes, because he didn`t have the budget to do that.

He used a standard 1.2m long PVC pipe, which cost about $5.

He also bought some 3mm PVC pipe that cost about an extra $5 for the bathroom.

He ended up using 1.25m of that, which was around $40.

“There are a lot of things that you can buy for less money,” he says.

“The only reason I didn’t buy more is that I didn`re worried about it leaking.

The PVC pipe is really solid, it won’t leak.”

Michael built the bathroom in about 30 hours.

He plans to install a waterproof shower curtain at the end of the summer, so it won`t need to be replaced.

He estimates the bathroom cost about 50,000 Australian dollars ($47,600).

He says that with his budget, it’s a good investment for anyone who wants to make their own watertight bathroom.